• Template files for submision are available (May 16).
  • Dr. John T. Halloran (University of Washington, USA) have confirmed to give talks as invited speakers for AMBN 2017 (March 22).
  • The site has opened (March 9).
  • Professor Taisuke Sato has confirmed to give his invited talk (March 9).
  • Professors Wray Buntine (Monash University, Australia), Kun Zhang (Carnegie Melon University, USA), and Marco Scutari (University of Oxford, USA) have confirmed to give talks as invited speakers for AMBN 2017 (March 3).

Over the last few decades, graphical models such as Bayesian and Markov networks have become an increasingly popular AI approach. In this workshop we explore methodologies for enhancing the effectiveness of graphical models including modeling, reasoning, model selection, logic-probability relations, and causality. The exploration of methodologies is complemented discussions of practical considerations for applying graphical models in real world settings, covering concerns like scalability, incremental learning, parallelization, and so on.

The conference this year seeks novel contributions not just to Bayesian networks but to graphical models, and provides further discussion on theory and applicaions in a wider community such as over Asia and over the world. To this end, we invited several leading researchers to give talks, and construct a program committee each member of which can distinguish high-quality papers from others.

Besides that there are many excellent researchers in Japan, JPY is now the cheapest against the other currencies, and you may find something exciting there. Visit Kyoto and attend AMBN 2017!


The conference proceedings will be published in the proceedings track of the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR).

Besides the JMLR proceedings, all the papers will be suggested for publication of a special issue in Behaviormetrika, a Springer journal (the paper should be reviewed and contain additional new results (30% more) from the JMLR proceedings version), a Springer journal (the content shoud be added at least 30% more compared to the JMLR proceedings version). The special issue wll publish those papers as fast as possible.

JMLR Behaviometrika

Important dates

Deadline for paper submissionsJune 18, 2017
Notification of acceptanceJuly 15, 2017
Final versions dueJuly 31, 2017
Workshop datesSeptember 20-22, 2017


The workshop is supported by